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Haparz creates functional, intuitive, and engaging mobile applications for your business. Our team of qualified and experienced developers create custom mobile applications to contribute to the success of your business.

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We build results-driven iOS apps that help clients from different industry verticals achieve their business objectives. Following our AGILE Development Process for iOS app development in the USA, we create highly customized solutions.

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An App To Enhance The Wellness Of Your Mind & Quality Of Life

an app that delivers only Good news. Your daily dose of Optimism

Android App

Being used by millions all over the world, android applications are winning the race. Ensuring a better user experience and offering an infallible way to target your audience, we develop appealing android applications for your business.

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Cross Platform App

Leveraging our dependable expertise in cross platform app development in the USA, we build smart applications that run on multiple platforms to help you reach your potential customers. 

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Why Choose Us

Being an established app development company, Haparz develops mobile applications along with proper support and maintenance – and that is the reason why we are a dependable app development company in the USA for hundreds of clients. Not only do we create apps and provide the necessary solution, but we also help our clients surpass their business objectives.

One-Stop Solution
One-Stop Solution

Get all types of mobile app development services in the USA by dedicated developers.
User Friendly UI
User Friendly UI

We create an easy UI, you get a great app. That’s our mantra!
Attractive Design
Attractive Design

We can be creative and colorful with our designs that can help you grab the attention of your visitors.
Efficient Solutions
Efficient Solutions

Being a trusted app development company in the USA, we deliver solutions that make your business functions effective and efficient.
Extended Support
Extended Support

We develop applications with the necessary post-delivery support and maintenance.
Growth beyond Code
Growth beyond Code

We look beyond the code and work for your growth in the best manner possible.

Technologies we use

App development technology refers to the various frameworks, tools, libraries, components, and other technologies used to create applications. At Haparz, our developers are well versed in a wide range of technologies. This means, when you collaborate with Haparz for mobile app development services in the USA, you enjoy the flexibility to choose whichever technology you prefer for app development.

How do we develop apps using AGILE

The AGILE approach to iOS and Android application development in the USA helps us deliver value to our clients faster and with virtually zero hassles.

Sprint Planning

Sprint roadmap is a collaborative planning effort. Team members come together to clarify things and ensure collective understanding.
Tech Architecture
Tech Architecturet

Breaking down monolithic apps into microservices. Decoupling the code enables the team to move faster while enjoying more flexibility.
Stand-Ups & Weekly Demos
Stand-Ups & Weekly Demos

Daily stand ups and weekly demos help ensure that everyone involved is on the same page while allowing team members to raise their concerns on time.
Code Reviews
Code Reviews

Code reviews before the roll-out help diagnose problems like file leaks, memory leaks, signs of underperformance, and general red flags.

Haparz One App’ concept

Haparz’s expert mobile app developers in the USA study and analyze your business-specific problems to come up with the best ways to solve them, all with our ONE APP CONCEPT. Our team has the ability to build a single cross-platform app that can put an end to all your business hurdles.

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