About the Project

Good News is a one-of-a-kind news mobile application that delivers positive news daily from around the globe right to your smartphone, to boost your spirit and keep you motivated. In the time when most media houses are thriving on negativity, Good News is here to fine tune that imbalance.   


Handling the Huge Database

Improving the UI/UX & Code Architecture

Live-Streaming Processing

Filter by AI on good news only.


Making sure that the big database is managed efficiently on the home screen of the mobile application for a delightful user experience.

Managing the code to make it configurable on the backend as well as modifiable in the frontend in order to change the UI.

Ensuring flawless and uninterrupted live streaming with real-time news clips and videos that could be saved on a smart device.

Haparz team used AI and ML techniques to filter content and determine which is good news and which is not.

Applying for GOOD NEWS case study