About the Project

Hookle: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tool for Time-Poor Entrepreneurs

Hookle is an advanced social media marketing tool, designed keeping in mind the businessman of today. Besides helping you to simplify your social media marketing efforts, the app allows you to save time and stay focused on your day-to-day business activities. 

With Hookle you can effortlessly create and publish posts to multiple social media networks. Publish your content to all of your channels at once, or to the selected channel(s) only. If you publish to multiple channels at once, you can also customize the content by account.


Single notification centre for all social media handles.

A single click that lets you publish to all Social Media Channels

Challenge of a planned post in all media at a single click.

A single dashboard to track and show activities in social media handles.


Our team designed the app in a way that not just allows a user to log in to all their social media accounts in the app itself, but also gives them the convenience to see all their social media posts right on the dashboard.

We added Analytics to help small businesses monitor the performance of their social media activities and help them track what’s working (and what not working) for their business. 

At Haparz we researched on how to make a scheduled posts. We came up with a solution of using in built calender and alarm system and integrating with backend tech.

We used advance data analysts and visual data techniques to create a single screen dasboard that lets user track all social media activities.

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