About the Project

KFC UK is an extension of the American fast food restaurant chain into the UK. The app allows customers to order and get KFC food delivered to their doorstep throughout the UK. The app also enables users to check the status of their orders in real time. Additionally, the app offers users the options to book a table, self-pickup, and even car-hop – right on the home screen.

This project had many challenges and specially when come to designing something which invloves customer satisfaction.

Delivering food using location tracking end to end, Data security. Time challenges, order history, complaint handling. ALL in one app and on a single screen was a challenge for us.   


Option of Multiple Order Modes

QR Feature for In-Restaurant Orders


Incredible Customer Experience

Advanced Analytics Integration


Developing a bespoke as well as exhaustive product management system in order to generate SKUs automatically.

The team at Haparz created the option to place an order just by scanning the QR code on their mobile devices. 

We worked to personalize the app, making it easier for users to look at their order history and pay via multiple gateway options.

By integrating graphs and easy-to-understand data, we made it super-easy for the administrative staff to watch the app’s performance and work on the areas that need improvement.

Applying for KFC Case study