About the Project

The website “Lessons from a Quitter” has been designed and developed by our team for lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Goli Kalkhoran, who help unfulfilled professionals quit what is no longer working for them, and confidently design a career and the life they love.

This project also asked us to develop podcast, and community, based on the belief that is ‘its nevewr too late’. Also wherein users would be able to talk to inspiring guests who, after spending years obtaining advanced degrees and climbing the corporate ladder, quit to forge their own path to a more fulfilling life.


Create an option to schedule appointments for virtual consultation, integrate WooCommerce to buy different programs, and design an LMS to monitor the programs of subscribed users.

Design a platform that can offer an intuitive and simplified end-user experience

Develop a virtual office to help manage bookings and schedules.

Easily and instantly schedule virtual appointments.


We designed a platform that provides solutions for virtual consultation, selling different programs via WooCommerce, and monitoring the programs purchased by users.

We integrated WebEx to perform video consulting between the coach and a user.

Our designers made this website fully responsive that is compatible with any screen size or smart device.

Our team integrated an SEO analytics tool into the website to drive relevant traffic to the platform, track overall traffic, and provide performance reports.

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