About the Project

Unlike other applications, Live Life aims at a holistic approach to mindfulness and mental well being. They believe that meditation helps better both mental and physical health and we also believe that physical problems when dealt with directly will improve mental health. Hence, we not only offer a variety of meditation and mindfulness exercises but also offer sessions to better physical health with a focus on body image issues, weight management, smoking problems and others. The holistic and dual outlook is what makes us unique.

Despite the vast availability of personal metrics and health apps, people continue to struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We’re required to conduct user research to understand people’s relationship with mental, physical, and emotional well-being in order to develop a tool that will drive them to action.

We decided to create a Native iOS App which helps people access to meditation easily and be able to follow a daily routine.


Users need to be able to set up their profile to include important information relevant to their goals

Users need to be able to set goals and track their progress

Users need to be able to share their stats with their wellness coaches

Multi-currency and multilingual functionality


Our developers developed an application using actual medical data from renowned institution. 

We commended Magento Enterprise Edition as one of the top-rated, most secured, and widely preferred platforms.

Developer at Haparz used a voice assistant tools to guide users to perform meditation and breathing with ease. 

We developed simple touch techniques wherein the user could punch in their breathing intervals.

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