About the Project

For us, this project was more than a map navigation app. Have you been in a situation where you want to buy a product but don’t know where to go? You want to hire a Professional to render you a service but not sure where and how to find them? You just want an easy way to find people and places but that information isn’t readily available. People want to find where you live and you have to provide long and complicated directions which aren’t always accurate. 

All this was aimed to be solved by a single app. 



Haparz developers aimed to satisfy all these scenarios and more. This app helps you to create and identify connections. One could quickly browse all info and find precisely where they are located and how to find them instantly. One could can easily map yourself and in effect become globally accessible online, map yourself and your skill set to allow people looking for your services to find you easily without a hassle.



Sharing Locations across multiple sources

Data Toggling to Highlight Interested info only


Mapping your skills and business directly to a map and get noticed to create business. 

Location tracker via latitude & longitude and users looking for special skills or jobs. 


Haparz team studied actual problem in Ghana when it comes to Maps & Directions. Different modes were created where user could switch to Car, Walk, Bike at any time. 

We developed a route planner for users who had to commute daily to a same location. The app reminded and automatically would guide the user to follow directions. 

Street view integration was made possible after lot of research and Haparz experts had to understand real life problems. 

Haparz team also developed a voice assistant in native languages to guide routes and give reminders for shops, skills, services searched. 

Applying for MAP GHANA case study