Full-Stack Software Development

At Haparz, we create high-performing and scalable software solutions for startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

Our custom software development services in the USA help businesses accelerate disruption within their organizations as well as industries. 

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Custom Software Development Services in the USA

From exhaustive technology roadmaps and strategy consulting, to future-proof software solutions, Haparz delivers full-cycle software development services that are perfectly aligned with your project requirements and business needs.

Why Haparz for Custom Software Development in the USA

Using the deep domain expertise of our software developers, we create impactful digital solutions that drive meaningful change with a strategic vision.

360° Approach
360° Approach

From product ideation to delivery, and post-development support, we cover the full lifecycle of enterprise application design, integration, and management.
Client Centricity
Client Centricity

Haparz’s proprietary format lets us maintain an extremely customized approach, nurture long-term relationships, and stay focused on the tasks at hand.
Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise

We have unsurpassed domain expertise and deep knowledge of niche technologies, ranging from blockchain to Salesforce solutions.
Accelerated Turnaround
Accelerated Turnaround

Higher level of expertise and myriad solutions accelerators ensure quick customizations and speedier product delivery. The result is reduced development costs with faster market entry.
Unrivaled Team
Unrivaled Team

With a collective experience of 20+ years and comprising over 100 developers, our team is fully capable of bringing about the digital transformation your organization needs.

Salient/Distinguishing Features of Our Software Development Services

Dedicated Developers or a Team of Developers

Agile Approach to Development

Data Backups & Protection

Quality Deliverance

Midway Enhancements

Unmatched Support

Process We Follow

Being a leading software development agency in the USA, we employ best practices and class-leading development methodologies to create trailblazing solutions in a highly structured and methodical way.


It all begins with understanding the client’s requirements and specifications, collecting relevant resources, and gathering information to create a roadmap for the project at hand.


The system as well as documents are created as per the specifications. This helps define the overall system architecture and technology stack.


Describing and documenting software development requirements.


Creating the entire system, by writing code, using the selected language, technology, and methodology.


Assessing the software developed for quality and with the aim of discovering and fixing errors.


Releasing the final software and checking for any deployment-specific issues.


Ensuring that all the predefined needs are met fully and that the system continues to perform as per the specifications.

Our Software Development Services in the USA

We offer end-to-end blockchain application development services to enable IT and non-IT enterprises to create secure and reliable blockchain solutions.

Smart Contracts | Crypto Wallets | Crypto Exchanges | Hyperledger | Supply Chain Development

Leveraging proven methodology and technology, we offer effective Salesforce Development Services and Salesforce Solutions, including Salesforce administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, and customization.  

Salesforce Development | Salesforce Mobile Development | Salesforce AppExchange Development | Salesforce Lightning Development | Third-Party Integration

Our DevOps Services speed up cloud workloads and operations by containing costs, increasing efficiency, and accelerating the release management cycle. Our DevOps solutions allow businesses to align with their goals while developing high-quality software-based products and services. 

DevOps Consulting Services | Support Monitoring | Cloud Management | Automated Pipeline Quality Update | Initial Framework Creation | Capacity Management | Environment Management

Haparz helps companies enhance efficiency and accelerate operational growth with a range of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions. Leveraging our AI & Machine Learning expertise, you can automate your internal processes, deliver personalized customer experiences, and implement solutions to transform the way customers interact with your business.

Recommendation Engine | Process Automation | Voice-Based AI | Chatbots | Object Recognition | Image Processing | Inventory Optimization | Natural Language Processing | Data Mining

Leveraging its Embedded System Development and IoT (Internet of Things) Software Development capabilities, Haparz creates intelligent, connected devices that can be tracked and managed remotely while providing cloud computing for a variety of smart applications and analytics.

IoT App Development | IoT Gateway Development | Backend & API Development | App Development for IoT Devices | IoT Implementation & Support | Wearable Technology | Voice-Enabled Technology | Raspberry Pi Solutions | BLE Technology

We offer intelligent e-commerce website solutions for comprehensive, and scalable online stores. With Haparz, create client-centric, strategic digital shopping solutions that deliver tangible results.  

Custom eCommerce Integration | B2C Platforms | B2B eCommerce Solutions | E-Commerce App Development | Deployment Maintenance | Order Management Solutions | Ecommerce Platform Migration | Payment Integration

Haparz specializes in creating custom Content Management System (CMS) solutions that ensure easy and cost-effective web content management while facilitating stronger web presence, more traffic, and relevant lead generation. 

Content Creation & Storage | CMS Administration | Content Publishing & Promotion | Security & Compliance | Integrations

Tools & Technologies We Use

Our diverse software team is well versed in using all types of cutting-edge tools and technologies, which has enabled Haparz to evolve as a dependable software development agency in the USA for businesses of all sizes.


Java | C# | C/C++ | Objective C | Python | Groovy | Swift Kotlin | PHP | Rust | Scala


JDBC/JPA | JMS Hibernate | .NET | EJB | Apache Camel NodeJS | Firebase | LDAP/Active Directory |    Reactive (Reactor, Akka, RxJava,)


Vue | Sass | Coffee | Angular | WebGL

Database Management

NoSQL | MySQL | Oracle SQL | PostgreSQL | Microsoft SQL


Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Google Cloud | Oracle Cloud IBM Cloud | Microsoft Azure

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